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What is Grid by Pragyaam?

Grid is a No-Code platform that helps organizations build internal data and process management applications with ease

  • About Grid by Pragyaam

    About Grid by Pragyaam

    GRID, an Iceland-based SaaS startup, is debuting its no-code productivity tool, enabling spreadsheet users around the world to build interactive, smart documents from their spreadsheets and share them easily

    Formatting, emailing, updating, and trying to communicate insights from spreadsheets are well-known headaches in the world of spreadsheet users. According to the company, GRID intends to change that

  • Pricing


    • Free Trial
    • Custom Flat rates
  • When to use Grid by Pragyaam

    When to use Grid by Pragyaam

    Grid is usable for all organizations that need on-field and internal data management solutions

    They are already working with Manufacturing, mining, exploration, real estate, retail, micro-finance, etc

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Small remote businesses can use this No-Code platform to build their internal data and process management applications with ease. Grid will help them to digitize their workspace extirely
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