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What is Indy?

Indy is an adaptive, all-in-one management software that helps freelancers and small businesses track everything from proposals to payments.

  • About Indy

    About Indy

    Indy is a comprehensive project management software that includes everything you need to stay on top of your projects, from marketing to management to billing.

    When you bring all your information into a single platform, Indy can help you move seamlessly through every aspect of your freelancing business management.

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  • When to use Indy

    When to use Indy

    Indy is a brilliant choice for freelancers and independent workers who want a simple way to manage their workflow.

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    Know more

    • Indy provides all the tools you need to manage your remote work in one affordable package. The only purpose Indy serves is to help freelancers make and save money and time, freeing them up to do the work they actually get paid to do.
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