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Work closely with your teammates by assigning forms and controlling submissions. JotForm - Assign Forms lets you select assignees to view, send, and edit submissions from any device.

  • About JotForm

    About JotForm

    Remote teams, construction companies, restaurants, field workers, utility companies all enjoyed the easy-to-use form interface. But there wasn’t a way for business owners and managers to securely assign forms to employees — until now.

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  • When to use JotForm

    When to use JotForm

    Assign Forms can be used by any company that manages a team to collect data.

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • JotForm - Assign Forms transforms data collection into a collaborative effort. By assigning forms to team members and keeping track of the submission, it enables teams to quickly distribute workload without needing any communications tool. Teams can easily delegate forms to relevant teammates without any extra clerical communication.
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