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What is Lets Do Retro?

Lets Do Retro is a next-generation collaborative retrospective tool for teams to identify how to improve teamwork by reflecting on what worked, what didn’t, and why

  • About Lets Do Retro

    About Lets Do Retro

    Collaborate with your team and get better at what you do with a simple, powerful and beautiful tool.

    Lets Do Retro empowers agile teams and students to create the next big thing!

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    • Free forever
  • When to use Lets Do Retro

    When to use Lets Do Retro

    Lets Do Retro allows you to run retrospectives with your teams both anonymously and non anonymously without even creating an account. Also our platform allows you to create an account and manage projects, teams, members and retrospective boards all in one place and many more

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Lets Do Retro is an online collaboration platform for remote teams
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