Idea Management:Retrium - Logo
Retrium is a platform for agile retrospectives that enables teams to continuously improve.
Idea Management:GoRetro - Logo
Run team sprint retrospectives easily, quickly, and absolutely free for all boards, members, projects, and teams
Idea Management:ProdCamp - Logo
ProdCamp lets you collect customer feedback and store it in a single repository, analyze and prioritize, and ship what's needed the most
Idea Management:IdeaPod - Logo
Ideapod is a beautiful, collaborative place for all those ideas coming in from your team and your users. Give them a voice and gain priceless insights.
Idea Management:FunRetro - Logo
Collaborate with your remote team and get better in what you do with a simple, intuitive and beautiful tool.
Idea Management:TeamRetro - Logo
TeamRetro is the secure, engaging and effective way to run your agile retrospective meetings.
Idea Management:Neatro - Logo
Neatro is a fully responsive web app to conduct retrospective activities for agile teams. Now, easily manage action items and access to your team's report.
Idea Management:Ideanote - Logo
Ideanote gives you a proven structure and process to make innovation happen in your business. Get a central hub to collect more of the right ideas, engage people across teams and measure your impact.
Idea Management:Idea Drop - Logo
Idea management software to help you capture and action the best ideas from your employees whenever and wherever they are.
Idea Management:Sprint Boards - Logo
Sprint Boards is an online retrospective tool for Agile developers, providing distributed teams with the tools they need to coordinate, discuss and collaborate together remotely.
Idea Management:Sideways6 - Logo
Sideways6 exists to build better businesses through employee ideas. We believe that great ideas can come from anywhere and that giving employees a voice is the secret to business success.
Idea Management:Productific - Logo
Collect new ideas (feature requests) from users, identify the most attractive ones (feature voting) and show what's next & new for your product
Idea Management:Spigit - Logo
Great ideas start on Spigit. Join the 500+ enterprise companies that are bringing the power of collective intelligence to every business challenge.
Idea Management:Ideascale - Logo
IdeaScale is an idea management platform that uses crowdsourcing to help you find and develop the next big thing.
Idea Management:The Worklist Digest - Logo
Weekly digest of creative jobs opportunities offered remotely and LA, Chicago, NYC & Atlanta.
Idea Management:Widget-Board - Logo
Widget Board is a productivity tool that lets you create custom boards with your favorite widgets such as tasks, notes, media, date & time, weather, calendar and so much more!
Platform for agile retrospectives.
Free Sprint Retrospective Tool
Multi-channel customer feedback management platform
Feedback on your ideas or product
Collaborate with your remote team.
Run retrospective meetings easily.
Effective agile retrospectives for everyone
An innovation hub for the modern workplace
Idea management software
Turn user feedback into actionable product optimizations!
Online retrospective tool for agile developers
Build better businesses through employee ideas.
A feature request SaaS for small companies
Innovation management at scale.
Idea management platform that uses crowd-sourcing.
Weekly digest of creative remote opportunities
Visual planning, curating and productivity tool