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What is Meetsales?

Meetsales is a web application that helps sales teams meet B2B clients on-line. Reps can dynamically present and compare products, discuss prices, and complete orders with a live in-call cart

  • About Meetsales

    About Meetsales

    Meetsales is a B2B eCommerce application that solves both problems. It’s a low effort, a no-compromise solution that allows sales to meet clients, show products, discuss prices, and close orders directly in a video call.

    Meetsales is the only conversational commerce solution that puts an interactive shopping cart directly into the call

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  • When to use Meetsales

    When to use Meetsales

    Its a tool dedicated for vendors, manufacturers and distributors in the b2b model. We help the sales reps to stay efficient and boost their sales while working from home

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • It is designed to help sales reps who are working remotely to switch from standard offline meeting, to online model
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