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What is Merrative?

Merrative is a community of avid readers to discover & discuss ideas from digital content like books, articles, news, across a variety of topics like tech, poetry, business, fiction, etc

  • About Merrative

    About Merrative

    With Merrative, you can:

    - Save time to find your next best read: discover, curate recommended books, articles, news across various topics like tech, fiction, life, business, etc.

    - Have healthy intellectual conversations: start or join discussion threads on books, articles that you'd like to talk about

    - Read, discuss together: conduct face to face discussions in small groups via video calls

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    • Free
  • When to use Merrative

    When to use Merrative

    Merrative can be used by organizations to inculcate reading habits and discuss news, articles etc at these pandemic times when people are stuck at home.

    Use Merrative to curate content and perform employee engagement around the same, like water cooler conversations

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Merrative can be used by HRs to for water cooler conversations around content
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