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What is Mohmal?

Mohmal is a temporary mail service which provides you with a mail ID to use so as to avoid spam and phishing to your personal email ID.

  • About Mohmal

    About Mohmal

    Mohmal is a dummy email service which you can use to protect your main inbox from unsafe mail.
    You can either go for a random name or type in a custom name to create a temporary mail ID for 45 mins. This can be renewed at the end of 45 mins.
    You can also reply to the mail and forward the mail to your main inbox if needed.

  • Pricing


    • Free.
  • When to use Mohmal

    When to use Mohmal

    Mohmal is a great solution if you need to create an account on websites and do not want your inbox to be filled with spam or junk mail. A temporary mail can be used to create accounts on websites which might send unnecessary spam to your inbox.

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • If you need to create accounts on sites but do not want to get their junk replies to your inbox, Mohmal is a great solution for you.
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