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Organizations, remote or not, have always considered email to be a prominent mode for business communication. Email clients now-a-days are pretty much at parity with each other in terms of features. However, here are a few things that are an absolute must in email clients for business purposes:

  • Easy-to-use and Quickly configurable: Companies need tools that can help be quickly setup and are easily configurable.

  • Consistent interface: Whether emails are accessed via phone, desktop/laptop or web, the expectation is to have a consistent interface across platforms. A similar expectation is held for different OS’es as well.

  • In-built features: Maintaining calendar, creating and sharing meeting invites, supporting different file types and categorizing mails as per relevance are some features that are 'must-haves' in a mail communication tool.

  • Storage and Security: Secure cloud storage is already part of majority email clients today, however, companies usually do not hesitate to spend some extra bucks to sign up for a premium subscription that provides greater storage and/ or security.

For remote companies, as the organization grows, so does the complexity of communication. For team communication, tools such as Slack, Skype and Microsoft Teams are used. Additionally, enterprises use project management tools such as Trello and JIRA, and tools like Lumeer for resource scheduling, time tracking, invoicing and a variety of other activities. Thus, there is always some form of alternative communication happening across the organization that requires use of such tools. Modern mailing services such as Mattermost and Outlook know this well and thus offer integration with third-party apps to facilitate communication that otherwise would be scattered across different platforms.

So let’s get to our list of handpicked mail communication tools for remote work.

Loop Email
Mail Communication
Shared Inbox enabling easy team communication
Added by Ana Topoljski
Zoho Mail
Mail Communication
Secure and reliable communication tool for business users.
Added by Praval Sing
Gmail (Business)
Mail Communication
Google-hosted email for your domain along with G Suite.
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Mail Communication
A platform that enables secure team collaboration
Added by Ian Tien
North App
Mail Communication
Simple status update tool for agencies
Added by Varun Raj
Mail Communication
Business-class email and calendaring.
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Mail Communication
Categorize, label, and sort 1000's of emails in minutes
Added by Alex
Yahoo (Business)
Mail Communication
Business email powered by Yahoo.
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Mail Communication
Encrypted, secure and open-source email service for private and...
Added by Saravanan V