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What is Monkey Scribe?

Monkey Scribe allows users to transcribe audio and video files by leveraging the combined power of artificial intelligence and voice recognition technologies

  • About Monkey Scribe

    About Monkey Scribe

    Simply upload your audio or video file, and Monkey Scribe will convert it into text automatically within minutes.

    Once the automatic transcription of your is completed, you can edit it using our tailor-made text editor offering a perfect synchronization between audio and content, and allows you to easily correct potential spelling and misused words

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  • When to use Monkey Scribe

    When to use Monkey Scribe

    We help individual users and companies to gain time and save money by converting automatically audio and video files into accurate and reliable transcriptions

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Get an automatic transcription of your Zoom, Skype or Microsoft Teams meeting
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