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What is My WFH in Emails?

My WFH in Emails is a free tool that uses Gmail data to show you how working from home has changed your habits and productivity — helping you set healthier boundaries to avoid burnout

  • About My WFH in Emails

    About My WFH in Emails

    With this tool, you can discover how your workload, working hours, response times, and more have changed since lockdown began.

    Get a free report to see how well you've adapted to working from home

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    • Free product
  • When to use My WFH in Emails

    When to use My WFH in Emails

    It can be used by people who have shifted to remote work due to COVID-19

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • It gives you actionable insights on productivity to set healthier boundaries
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