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What is Neo?

Neo is a meeting workspaces platform for remote teams. With Neo, you can create agenda points before the meeting, take notes during the meeting and assign action items for follow up after the meeting

  • About Neo

    About Neo

    With remote work, meetings have increased significantly. Most of these meetings didn't have to be meetings, as they were just "routines".

    Neo solves this problem by creating a structure of agenda points + discussions along with notes and action items.

    Many templates like one-on-ones, daily standup, sprint retrospective, sprint planning, etc. are available for you to save time

  • Pricing


    • Free account available
  • When to use Neo

    When to use Neo

    If you want to save time in meetings and automate your daily routines

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Neo will help remote teams save time in meetings and communicate asynchronously
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