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What is NinjaMentors?

NinjaMentors is a free, 1-to-1 social networking and mentoring platform based on skills. It lets you connect with an expert and go into discussion with them, which is an organic and natural way to solve a problem

  • About NinjaMentors

    About NinjaMentors

    NinjaMentors helps you become a mentor and guide beginners on their journey.

    1. Solutions online can be out of date.
    2. You can get too many conflicting results.
    3. Solvers don't know what solutions you already have tried.
    4. The problem description in your posted question can be unclear.
    5. You have follow-up questions for the solution suggested.

    NinjaMentors attempts to solve these

  • Pricing


    • Users can opt in for free/ paid mentorship
  • When to use NinjaMentors

    When to use NinjaMentors

    1. You want to be a mentor and guide others.
    2. You are learning a new skill/stuck in a problem/in need of clarification on anything you found online, and feel that advice from an expert would be helpful

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • People learning new skills for working remotely can benefit from having a mentor
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