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What is Notud?

Simple cloud client note-taking with handwriting and drawing on to your own custom templates. Integrated with Xero

  • About Notud

    About Notud

    Simple cloud note-taking with handwriting and drawing on to your own custom templates. Notud integrates with Xero to make client notes even easier for small businesses.

    Access your notes from anywhere, on any device, with the ability to handwrite, draw, or type notes, whichever you choose. Notes and information are fully secure, backed up and encrypted for yours, and your clients confidence

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  • When to use Notud

    When to use Notud

    Notud is used by small businesses that have a need to have client/ customer/ patient meetings. E.g. bookkeepers, consultants, allied health businesses, accountants

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Taking your notes using Notud instead of a paper notepad means your team and colleagues can share and access client notes and general notes at any time online. As soon as a note is saved, your team can access the note and information instantly. Private notes can also be made for general note taking, and if needed, they can be shared at a later date. Using Notud, you can move from location to location and never have to worry about losing your notes, and in turn, never worrying about confidentiality with lost client notes
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