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WEEK OF JULY 03, 2020

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What is OneBar?

OneBar allows you to build a Knowledge Base for your team using your Slack conversations as raw material. Save useful conversations, organize collected knowledge and use it by talking to a Slack-bot

  • About OneBar

    About OneBar

    The missing part of Slack: a chatbot that will respond to questions automatically using information from the channel history.
    Set it up in 3 simple steps:
    - Add @onebar to your #ask channels
    - Run the AI-powered scan
    - Approve relevant FAQs

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  • When to use OneBar

    When to use OneBar

    When people want to automate answering repetitive questions in Slack

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • OneBar works best for remote teams where it is impossible to get the answer in person
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