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What is Oroson?

Kill endless client email threads. Share ideas, files and feedback in one frustration-free client portal.

  • About Oroson

    About Oroson

    Oroson brings deliverables and feedback together in one clear view. Unlike email and other tools, comments and files are displayed side-by-side, saving hours managing feedback.

    Oroson’s visual board layout eliminates project confusion. No more lost, duplicate or incorrect assets or project creep. Briefs, progress, and deliverables are clear for everyone to understand and comment on.

  • Pricing


    • Free Trial. Affordable Team Pricing.
  • When to use Oroson

    When to use Oroson

    Teams who share project briefs, drafts and final deliverables that require a simple visual layout where content feedback can easily be gathered. Internal creative teams and marketing and design agencies who collaborate with internal and external clients find Oroson particularly beneficial because of its visual display features. Oroson’s board layout makes it perfect for Marketing Teams, Content Creators, Social Media Managers, etc.

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Oroson is available across web, desktop apps for macOS and Windows, and mobile apps for iOS and Android. It’s quick and free to invite unlimited numbers of external clients to collaborate with. Oroson boards provide realtime feedback, keeping projects and communication flowing in a simple, visual layout, regardless of where you are working and who you are working with. The Oroson team is majority remote and uses Oroson for collaboration, so we know how effective it is for remote working.
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