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What is PangeaMT?

PangeaMT structures unstructured content with deep learning to find key elements, summarize and classify data across languages

  • About PangeaMT

    About PangeaMT

    Eco is the ultimate language processing ecosystem to gain actionable insights from text data, comply with privacy regulations, machine translate and obtain training data for AI

    Available for databases and unstructured documents, like Word, PowerPoint, PDF or email

    Our proprietary technology makes it possible for you to adapt our AI to your specific needs and create machine translation solutions that mimic your style in minutes

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    • Subscriptions
  • When to use PangeaMT

    When to use PangeaMT

    Legal teams and platforms, consulting, software companies, data companies, cybersecurity, Public Administrations

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • PangeaMT helps remote workers to process language data intelligently
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