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What is Peer.Page?

Peer.Page is the next best thing to meeting in person: a platform for informal one-on-one interactions, collaboration, networking, and match-making for groups of any size.

  • About Peer.Page

    About Peer.Page

    Peer.Page is the platform for better conversations and informar one-in-one interactions, collaborations, networking, and match-making for group of any size.

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    • We believe that a good conversation shouldn't cost more than a cup of coffee. Yes, we have Free trial
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  • When to use Peer.Page

    When to use Peer.Page

    Peer.Page is used mainly by corporates and events to create informal connection.

    Think of the moments around the coffee machine at the office.

    Other way to use our product is for idea generation within big teams.

    Last but not least, business speed dating.

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Peer.Page is a great solution to increase sense of belonging, to interact/connect in an informal way and "take a break" from the "Zooms and Teams" of this world.
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