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What is Pixela?

Pixela is a URL shortener that adds retargeting pixels to each shortened link

  • About Pixela

    About Pixela

    ☔️ The Problem
    ⚠️ Running your business where website retargeting is not possible; for example, Amazon store, Facebook page.
    ⚠️ Need to add your retargeting pixels in each link/reference of the content that you publish or share; for example, in Medium.
    ⚠️ Need to embed multiple pixels

    🛠 The Solution
    Pixela is a URL shortener that generates tracking links with retargeting pixels
    ✅ Generate tracking links with retargeting pixels.
    ✅ Tag people clicking on your tracking links. Reach them again with more ads.

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  • When to use Pixela

    When to use Pixela

    You are running a Facebook campaign to drive traffic to your online products.
    👉 People are clicking but bouncing around your website. You're losing money on that campaign.
    👉 Using Pixela, you can "pixel" anybody who clicks on your actual ads links. And retarget them later with more laser focused ads on Facebook.
    👉 You will be able to collect the data behind the audience such as demographics and locations.
    Later on, build lookalike audiences to retarget them.
    So, you can increase your sales through retargeting and laser focused ads on Facebook.

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Remote teams can use Pixela to decrease your marking costs and generate tracking link
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