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What is Polyvore?

Polyvore is an interesting site that lets you customize your shopping to your own personal fashion choices. Here, the different pieces are bought together, such as the clothes, shoes, and jewelry

  • About Polyvore

    About Polyvore

    Polyvore brings together all these pieces from different stores, real-life and online, and allows you to create outfits, which are called sets

    The pieces are not just clothes but also shoes and jewelry, and even things like home decor

    It also functions a little as an online shopping site as it gives you the price of the product and where it can be found

  • Pricing


    • Free Service
  • When to use Polyvore

    When to use Polyvore

    Polyvore can be used to practice styling or better visualize what an outfit will look like on you, or help you put together an outfit and find the approximate cost without having to google each item

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • It helps remote businesses to generate their brand engagement products, it can connect diverse e-commerce remote retailers of different tiers and scales around the globe
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