Icebreaker time!


Icebreaker time is a simple and intuitive way to keep your teams, coworkers, and friends engaged


  • It's free, and I rely on small voluntary contributions to keep the service running
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    It enables people to get to know each other and create bonds!

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    • David Silva Cordeiro

      🚀 Icebreaker time has 1100+ fun and engaging questions!
      💡Create engagement in teams during sync/async social moments!
      🥑 Super simple to use: type /icebreaker on any slack channel or private chat
      ❤️ Icebreaker time is here to help you. Try it out, it’s free!

      Hey folks! 👋
      Icebreaker time started on paper and evolved into a simple website. From then on, I found that creating a slack bot that triggers random fun and engaging questions would be the most logical step.

      The bot was published on the slack app directory two months ago, and has now been organically adopted by more than 200 companies, including some big names in tech 🙌

      I feel super proud that there’s also a wide range of non-profits using it! It’s so awesome that I can help them in this way 🤩

      Feedback is coming all over the place reinforcing that, when used on a daily basis, icebreaker time is effectively contributing to increase the engagement and improve relationships between team members 🎉

      It’s free, and I rely on small voluntary contributions to keep the service running.
      If enough contributions are generated to keep the service running, I’m thinking that it would be a good idea to redirect what’s left to the non-profits that use icebreaker time!

      Try it out, and let me know all your thoughts. Have fun! ❤️

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