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Inclusive discussion community of web design, development and maker enthusiasts seeks like-minded humans. 💻🤗✨

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    Webwide is an inclusive long-form discussion board community for web designers, developers and makers. We're united by a passion for learning, sharing and creating on the web.

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    • Free Forever, Optional Supporter Memberships Available
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    When to use

    "👋 Meeting new people
    💬 Discussing industry news
    🧠 Learning from others and sharing own experiences
    💫 Showcase your work
    💪 Compete in friendly community challenges
    📣 Promote your content
    🎉 Celebrate your achievements
    🤝 Make new industry connections
    ✅ Strong community-driven Code of Conduct"

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Feel a part of the web community even when working solo or remote. Bounce ideas around, receive feedback, get (and hopefully offer) help and make new contacts.
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