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What is QOLOS?

QOLOS gives small businesses the ability to operate their website like an enterprise-level company by integrating business operations with their website platform

  • About QOLOS

    About QOLOS

    Our MVP simplifies and automates billing for service-based companies. QOLOS allows the end-users (our customers’ customers) to make payments through a login panel on the public website; they can change profile information, view order, etc

  • Pricing


    • Starting from $50 per month
  • When to use QOLOS

    When to use QOLOS

    Can be used by service based companies: SAAS, plumbing, HVAC, web developers, etc

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • QOLOS is the Shopify for serviced-based businesses, it combines your website with your operational software for a streamlined process
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