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What is Red Kubes?

Otomi Container Platform is an added value layer on top of Kubernetes and is built for Developers, DevOps, and Operations teams to move faster in adopting Kubernetes

  • About Red Kubes

    About Red Kubes

    Red Kubes is a Dutch start-up founded in 2019 by Sander Rodenhuis and Maurice Faber. 

    Make Kubernetes adoption a less expensive and simple experience with Otomi Container Platform.

    After building and operating Kubernetes clusters for years, we noticed organizations are having difficulty keeping up with the increasing complexity of Kubernetes

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  • When to use Red Kubes

    When to use Red Kubes

    SaaS companies, Enterprises, Government

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Red Kubes offers an out-of-the-box platform experience on top of Kubernetes
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