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What is RemotePlatz?

RemotePlatz is an online platform where companies can find remote software developers to build their tech team within 2 weeks - without wasting any valuable resources vetting and finding talent.

  • About RemotePlatz

    About RemotePlatz

    Remoteplatz provides the modern solution to finding the right talent with a vision to break the boundaries of traditional recruitment and build the largest remote community of developers in the world.

    We connect companies with pre-vetted remote developers within 2 weeks, this is because all candidates are pre-vetted and tested, we just match you with a specialized talent that fits your culture.

    We take over the whole recruitment and on-boarding processes.

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  • When to use RemotePlatz

    When to use RemotePlatz

    Companies and startups can build and manage a team of Remote Developers with the help of RemotePlatz.

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Remote developers can find great roles and remote companies can hire remote developers on RemotePlatz.
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