hiring remote employees

What are the chances that you'd want to use a tool for hiring remote employees?

Picture this: Your company has recently started a new side venture and you need someone to work on it. You have spent a lot of time niching down on the required skill sets and imagining who the ideal person to work on it would be. To find them, you zealously start the hiring process, you post the job description, look through LinkedIn, ask friends for referrals, wait for people to reply, and even interview a few seemingly suitable candidates.

And at the end of two weeks, you still don’t have your new hire.

ShieldGeo lists some of the challenges you could face when hiring remote employees, and the list is huge. I’m not sure about you, but this could be very frustrating when you know that the person is out there but you can’t seem to find them. Big companies have dedicated HR teams, and in an office setting, it’s much easier to conduct the usual steps of hiring such as face-to-face interviews. But what about a small, remote company?

That’s where remote talent hiring solutions come in. These are platforms that offer you the best remote and/ or freelance talents for your job description. Kind of like having a company take up the role of your own HR team and efficiently find you the right hire. And most of us have heard of Upwork, but did you know that there are other companies, too, some of which just might be more suitable for you? Be it searching for candidates, conducting interviews or even matching you up with the perfect employee, these companies make the hiring process so fast and easy that you’ll never want to go through it yourself again. It’s like Tinder for hiring, except you won’t have to swipe left.

Things to consider when selecting websites for hiring remote employees:

  • Payment: These companies offer varied payment plans for the employees such as pay-per-hour (consider peopleperhour) or per contract. Clients are charged a minimum for posting jobs, with some even offering a free trial period.
  • Type of contract: While some platforms, like Toptal, allow hourly as well as full-time commitments, there are platforms like 6nomads that promise to give full-time engineers only.
  • Specialization: If you are looking for the best choices in a single area, then you would want to consider a platform that focuses on it, such as Remote Game Jobs, which does exactly as the name suggests. If you are looking to hire for multiple roles in one place, then you should check out something like Remote.io, which allows you to find talents across various categories.
  • Selection Process: This is probably the most important thing to look for if you want to make sure that you get the best of the best. Companies like Flexiple ensure that you will work with the top 1% of freelance developers and designers thanks to the stringent selection process followed. Or you could check out HackerEarth and conduct coding assessments yourself to find the best fit for your technical requirements.

Now that you are equipped with the knowledge of what to look for, do check out our list of the best remote talent hiring solutions and take one last pick before they do the picking for you: 😉

Hiring Remote Talent:Flexiple - Logo
We help companies build great tech products. Grow your firm by working with the best freelance developers and designers from top tech companies such as Amazon, Adobe and Microsoft, amongst others.
Hiring Remote Talent:Crewscale - Logo
Join the remote revolution today! We’ll connect you with the right candidates handpicked from our pre-vetted pool of talent across the globe
Hiring Remote Talent:Fair Remote - Logo
We don't want to be that job board where you pay for something you don't get. That is why you'll get your money back if you don't find the right candidate.
Hiring Remote Talent:Arc - Logo
Arc is a remote developer hiring platform (contract & permanent). Arc makes it easier for fast-growing companies to hire expert developers across all time zones and tech stacks
Hiring Remote Talent:RemoteWorks - Logo
RemoteWorks helps you discover the best remote opportunities in software development. We match your skills to great jobs, with companies you want, using languages you love.
Hiring Remote Talent:Work From Home Jobs - Logo
All the remote jobs in one place.
Hiring Remote Talent:WFH - Logo
A marketplace that matches talented remote candidates with high demand remote job opportunities around the world
Hiring Remote Talent:Remote Woman - Logo
Work remotely at trusted companies. Marketing, design, develop, support & more.
Hiring Remote Talent:HelloRemote - Logo
HelloRemote connects great companies, with the best remote employees around the world.
Hiring Remote Talent:6nomads - Logo
Hire reliable full-time remote engineers for your startup.
Hiring Remote Talent:Upwork - Logo
Get it done with a freelancer. Grow your business with the top freelancing website.
Hiring Remote Talent:Remotefit - Logo
Remotefit helps you search for remote jobs that align with your values and discover companies you'll love!
Hiring Remote Talent:Indiez - Logo
Work with developers who are professional, vetted, and remote ready
Hiring Remote Talent:Twine - Logo
Twine is a marketplace that connects companies to our network of 300,000 digital and creative freelancers.
Hiring Remote Talent:RemoteMore - Logo
RemoteMore connects you with full-time remote developers from all-around the world. All the developers on the platform are pre-screened, so you can find your next hire easily and with confidence.
Hiring Remote Talent:Dev on demand - Logo
Dev on demand is a platform to hire remote front-end developer for a flat fee
Hiring Remote Talent:CloudPeeps - Logo
Search and hire talented independent professionals.
Hiring Remote Talent:Remote Planet - Logo
Curated data for remote workers, digital nomads & travelers - All the remote power in your hands. More than 1K remote companies, articles, insurance, travel planning, gears, books, job boards & much more.
Hiring Remote Talent:Hubstaff Talent - Logo
Hubstaff Talent is a 100% free resource for companies looking to find remote talent across the globe. No fees, no markups, no middlemen.
Hiring Remote Talent:Deel - Logo
Deel simplifies compliance and payments for clients and contractors. It provides the contractors locally or internationally with a reliable, seamless payment experience.
Hiring Remote Talent:Minty - Logo
Community of illustrators to hire for custom artwork. Plus stock with instantly available illustrations.
Hiring Remote Talent:Naprok - Logo
Our AI-platform helps to streamline the remote software development process at every stage: from developers screening to code authorship verification, and ongoing productivity.
Hiring Remote Talent:FlatWorld.co - Logo
It’s not enough to find a Remote-Worker, you need to find the *right* Remote-Worker! "Curated by FlatWorld.co" means high-quality matching between remote-workers and global companies.
Hiring Remote Talent:InterviewPass - Logo
InterviewPass lets you run automated screening interviews for your job applicants.
Hiring Remote Talent:NerdFeedr - Logo
Discover Remote Designers & Developers for short-term projects.
Hiring Remote Talent:TECLA - Logo
TECLA uses AI and expert human screening to match companies and remote candidates in our network by skills, experience, timezone, personality, and more.
Hiring Remote Talent:Dribble - Logo
Dribble is a resource for discovering and connecting with designers and creative talent around the globe.
Hiring Remote Talent:andRemote - Logo
Want to work in VC funded innovative startups? We have just got the thing for you. 100+ new job opportunities in recently funded companies.
Hiring Remote Talent:Dynamite Jobs - Logo
Only full-remote, open, and paid jobs. Our team adds over 100 new jobs each week and follows up with each hiring company to make sure they’re finding the right talent.
Hiring Remote Talent:Willo - Logo
Hire 40% faster with the world's favourite video interviewing platform. Never miss great talent again - start video interviewing candidates wherever they are in the world.
Hiring Remote Talent:Toptal - Logo
Toptal is an exclusive network of the top freelance software developers, designers, finance experts, and project managers in the world. Top companies rely on Toptal freelancers for their most important projects.
Hiring Remote Talent:Referral Booster - Logo
Referral Booster is a seamless candidate referral app for Slack that sources open job listings from existing recruiting systems and creates automated announcements.
Hiring Remote Talent:YouTeam - Logo
A platform for hiring remote dev teams.
Hiring Remote Talent:Zimo - Logo
Zimo makes it easier for remote hiring companies to save time on the onboarding process. Giving you time back to run productive teams.
Hiring Remote Talent:Skip the Drive - Logo
SkipTheDrive simplifies the process of finding remote and work-from-home jobs. This is done by using filters to display highly relevant job results.
Hiring Remote Talent:Rise - Logo
Rise is a flexible work ecosystem with flexible jobs, on-demand benefits, and a supportive community
Hiring Remote Talent:Remote Workers - Logo
Remote Workers is a global talent network dedicated exclusively to remote work. Our mission is to connect full-time working professionals with remote-friendly companies
Hiring Remote Talent:peopleperhour - Logo
PeoplePerHour is a marketplace connecting small businesses and freelancers.
Hiring Remote Talent:HackerEarth Assessments and Facecode - Logo
HackerEarth assessments is a tech recruiting software that helps recruiters conduct accurate coding assessments to find top talent. Facecode is a pair programming and video interviewing tool.
Hiring Remote Talent:KreekAfrica - Logo
KreekAfrica presents a smart way of doing business by putting freelancers and clients in Africa on a platform to connect and collaborate
Hiring Remote Talent:RemoteCo - Logo
RemoteCo is a place that connects entrepreneurs and companies with full & part-time remote workers from Latin America
Hiring Remote Talent:RemoteRocket - Logo
The best remote tech jobs from multiple job resources in one place
Hiring Remote Talent:Remote Rich - Logo
Remote Rich publishes best remote jobs for writers and editors. Here you can find different types of remote writing jobs like copywriting jobs, freelance writing jobs, technical writing jobs etc
Community of top freelance developers and designers.
Crewscale connects companies with the best of global remote
A job board focused on better descriptions and expectations
Effortlessly hire top remote developers
Discover the best remote opportunities in software
All the remote jobs in one place.
Marketplace that matches remote candidates with remote jobs
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Find a remote job with a great culture fit
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Your front end developer on demand
Search and hire talented independent professionals.
Portal for remote workers and digital nomads
Find remote talent across the globe
Simplify payments for clients and contractors
Community of illustrators to hire for custom artwork
An AI-powered marketplace to hire remote dev teams
Matching-as-a-service - high quality matching of remote jobs
Run automated screening interviews for your job applicants
Discover Remote Designers and Developers for short-term projects
Interview and hire directly.
A community where designers share, grow and get hired
100+ new job opportunities in recently funded companies
The Most Human Remote Job Board.
Willo video interviewing - connect talent with opportunity
Screened freelance talent.
Boost your employee referral program
A platform for hiring remote dev teams
A video onboarding platform for remote hiring firms
Find remote and work-from-home jobs by using filters
Flexible work platform for ambitious women
Connecting skilled talents with remote friendly companies
A marketplace connecting small businesses and freelancers
Hire tech talent based on skills and not instinct
The smart new way of doing business
Hire Remote Workers from Latin America
All remote jobs and tools on the web
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