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What is Rimuut?

Rimuut enables freelancers to work just like a corporation by giving them the ability to create tax-deductible invoices, agreements and get paid fast

  • About Rimuut

    About Rimuut

    Rimuut provides a virtual company solution for freelancers which transforms them into legitimate businesses within seconds by equipping them with commercial and managerial tools to handle billing, settlement, and payment. Rimuut enables freelancers to easily invoice their corporate clients, get paid, and protect their work by contracts without the financial and mental burden of having a company

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  • When to use Rimuut

    When to use Rimuut

    For freelancers: Invoicing their corporate clients, creating contracts and proposals; For businesses: Receiving tax-deductible invoices, one platform to receive invoices from all freelancers

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Ability to invoice corporate clients, securing the work by contracts & proposals
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