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What is Slack Scheduler?

Slack Scheduler lets remote teams to communicate through Slack more effectively by scheduling Slack messages to be sent in the future. Batch your Slack messagesor just schedule announcements for the most appropriate time.

  • About Slack Scheduler

    About Slack Scheduler

    Slack scheduler schedules messages from your own profile using the simple /schedule command. You can quickly schedule a message using /schedule hello in 1 hour. Or for more detailed messages you can use our advanced scheduler which allows you to send messages to a specific timezone and to multiple channels.Your messages are never stored outside of Slack, and we're constantly adding new features to make your communication easier through Slack.

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  • When to use Slack Scheduler

    When to use Slack Scheduler

    If you're a Slack team with any remote worker's, you'll find Slack Scheduler valuable. Large teams use it to schedule announcements across teams. Smaller teams use it to help that one remote employee communicate easier, or so that any late night announcements don't disrupt the team.

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • We built Slack Scheduler with remote teams in mind as it was a problem I personally faced. Our biggest use case is helping people avoid late night pings, although we've seen the product used in a variety of other ways.
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