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What is Slowbug?

Slowbug makes it possible to see how the control flows through the code by running it slowly, at your preferred speed, line by line. I find it handy when working on a new codebase

  • About Slowbug

    About Slowbug

    When working on a new codebase at work, adding too many breakpoints quickly becomes tedious when you try to step through the code and understand the flow.

    Slowbug offers a way to watch the program run slowly - slow enough for you to see every line that executes. It achieves that by running the code at your preferred speed, line by line

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    • Open source and free forever
  • When to use Slowbug

    When to use Slowbug

    Slowbug can be used when you want to understand the control flow of your program. You can watch it execute your code, slowly, line by line, and you get to control the speed of execution

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Saves a lot of time when debugging
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