Bug Tracking:Linear - Logo
Linear is an issue tracking tool that keeps everyone aligned and working without friction. Engineers, designers, and peers – all collaborating in one tool
Bug Tracking:Bugbattle - Logo
Bugbattle accelerates the bug reporting process at every stage of your app or website
Bug Tracking:Github Issues - Logo
Use issues to track ideas, enhancements, tasks, or bugs for work on GitHub. Many projects collect user feedback via a central bug tracker. GitHub's tracker is called "Issues," and can be used with every repository.
Bug Tracking:Disbug - Logo
Reporting bugs can be tedious, time-consuming, subjective, and with missing details. Disbug helps you report bugs with screen recordings, technical logs etc, and post to Jira/Trello automatically
Bug Tracking:Toybox - Logo
Toybox lets you collect visual feedback from your team and clients directly on your site. It's the fastest way to create, collaborate, and manage ideas on any website.
Bug Tracking:JIRA Software - Logo
An evaluation platform to hire developers based on their expertise in your company's tech stack. Not random algorithms or CVs.
Bug Tracking:Zoho Bug Tracker - Logo
A simple, fast and scalable bug tracking application that helps you manage bugs easily and deliver great products on time.
Bug Tracking:Slowbug - Logo
Slowbug makes it possible to see how the control flows through the code by running it slowly, at your preferred speed, line by line. I find it handy when working on a new codebase
Bug Tracking:Sifter - Logo
Sifter - issue tracking for nimble teams - helps keep your issue tracking simple, so you and your team can find and resolve more issues in less time. You save time and money shipping higher quality software.
Bug Tracking:DoneDone - Logo
DoneDone is the simple bug and issue tracker. No more complex software or messy spreadsheets to track issues and support tickets. Just one uncomplicated, central hub.
Bug Tracking:ReQtest - Logo
ReQtest is a cloud-based software development and maintenance management tool. It supports agile development and testing of new code, as well as maintenance tasks, such as bug reporting and requirements managements.
Bug Tracking:Finotes - Logo
Finotes is an online platform that enables apps to detect bugs in development and in production.
Bug Tracking:BugBug - Logo
BugBug allows you to automate testing without coding, so anyone can check if their website or application looks and works as it should.
Streamlined issue tracking for software teams
The fastest and easiest way to report and fix bugs
A simple tracker attached to your code repository.
Capture bugs with 10x clarity and fix them remarkably faster
Collect visual feedback from your team and clients directly on your...
An evaluation platform to hire developers.
A simple, fast and scalable bug tracking application.
Slowbug is a VS Code extension for debugging your code
Instant terminal sharing from anywhere. Unblock your remote team
Sifter offers a simple, intuitive interface to manage bugs.
A simple bug and issue tracker.
A cloud-based software development and maintenance management tool.
Detect bugs in Android and iOS apps
Automate your web apps testing with no-code tool