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What is Smidge?

Instant 1:1, video conversations with users. Install Smidge on your web-app to find and talk with users who are actively using your product. No more emails, surveys, and meeting requests

  • About Smidge

    About Smidge

    Smidge is a video-chat tool that sits within your web app. You can conduct product research and customer interviews instantly, rather than waiting around on survey responses or scheduling user interviews. Easily segment the users you'd like to talk with and have conversations with them today, not next week

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  • When to use Smidge

    When to use Smidge

    Smidge exists to make conversations with users instant, easy, in-app, and face to face.

    Customer Success Folk and Product Teams can segment users into groups for research or reach out to specific users to help with onboarding, solve problems, or simply have a chat!

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • No scheduling and time-zone hassles make for easy, instant remote communication
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