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What is Soleadify?

Find targeted lists for your personalized outreach, powered by data you can’t find anywhere else

  • About Soleadify

    About Soleadify

    Unlike other tools, in Soleadify you can find small business owners, doctors, chefs, lawyers and basically any other profession you can think of.

    In a nutshell: business profiles and contact data for 35M+ companies in 100+ countries. From dentists to e-commerce stores, find businesses in hundreds of categories, and put your sales on autopilot

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  • When to use Soleadify

    When to use Soleadify

    Soleadify helps you find qualified lists of potential customers for your digital services and products. We source our data differently, we get unique data. So instead of reaching out to the same contacts as everyone else, by using Soleadify you can tap into untapped territories!

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • With Soleadify, remote workers can find targeted lists for personalized outreach
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