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What is Sourceful?

Sourceful is a search engine for crowd-sourced public Google docs. We’re on a mission to democratize the web by making online documents, spreadsheets, and presentations popular

  • About Sourceful

    About Sourceful

    A large portion of the billion Google Drive users use Google docs as a quick and easy way to share their ideas and expertise. Without a direct connection to these authors, this knowledge is usually hidden from many it could benefit. We have created the solution to this problem.

    After going to the Sourceful website, you can search docs by keyword or category

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    • Free
  • When to use Sourceful

    When to use Sourceful

    Writers when they want to create and distribute their content 10x further than social media and other online document tools, and readers when they want to access 10x better content than anywhere else

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Sourceful enables remote community to work together collaboratively on documents and spreadsheets as well as benefit from the knowledge of the readers
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