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What is Status Hero?

Automated standups, reports, and insights. Status Hero integrates with your existing tools and automatically includes activity from Jira, GitHub, and other apps, making status updates quick and simple for your team. Use with Slack, email, or SMS.

  • About Status Hero

    About Status Hero

    Status Hero is a lightweight app for tracking daily goals, activity from your tools, and status updates from your team, all in one place.

    Replace costly meetings with:
    - Brief progress updates collected over email, Slack, or SMS
    - Clear goals from each team member
    - Automated activity tracking from dozens of integrated tools, like GitHub and Jira

    Sync up your team, unearth obstacles, inform stakeholders, and cut through all of the noise.

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  • When to use Status Hero

    When to use Status Hero

    If you want to fix your broken standups and make it easy to get a complete view of each other's work. Great for teams with members across time zones that want to work asynchronously.

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • We're a fully remote team and our goal is to make standups work better for remote and asynchronous work.
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