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What is Takl?

Takl is a home services platform with the goal to "help others make time for what they love by finding help for what they don’t"

  • About Takl

    About Takl

    Takl is an on-demand home service business with pre-priced and pre-defined chores, which allows the customer to know exactly what to expect

    Takl makes it easy to hire people when you need them to get things done around the house

  • Pricing


    • $2.99 /month
    • Custom pricing
  • When to use Takl

    When to use Takl

    When you want to find the extra help you need and easily check off your to-do list, fast

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Takl helps remote workers completing their chores including lawn & garden care, house cleaning, small home repairs, hauling away boxes & junk, assembling furniture, pressure washing patios, hanging pictures, and hundreds more by ordering within minutes
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