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What is Taskito?

Taskito is a schedule-based task management app that combines your tasks, to-do lists, calendar events, and projects in a timeline. It helps you boost productivity by focusing on the schedule

  • About Taskito

    About Taskito

    Taskito is a simple, yet powerful daily organizer app. It helps you keep your tasks, events, notes and reminders organized in one place by creating a timeline.

    We emphasize on keeping your to-do list small & achievable. It helps with weekly planning and effective habits.

    Contrary to popular apps such as Todoist or Microsoft To-Do, Taskito emphasizes on your schedule

  • Pricing


    • Free to download
    • All the features are available for free trial. One-Time purchase for premium features
  • When to use Taskito

    When to use Taskito

    Keep your daily tasks and calendar events organized in one place

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Schedule daily tasks based on availability, meetings & daily routines
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