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What is Testsigma?

Testsigma is a unified, cloud based, no-code, test automation platform for developers and QA's.

  • About Testsigma

    About Testsigma

    Testsigma is a complete test automation ecosystem that allows agile teams to simplify and accelerate their testing!

    Testsigma enables everyone on your team to automate testing for web, mobile web, android, iOS apps, and APIs easily.

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  • When to use Testsigma

    When to use Testsigma

    QA Lead, SMEs, QA Analysts, Product/Project managers, QA Engineers, QA Manager, Development Managers, Developers can use this tool to:

    Eliminate complex setups & frameworks

    Write tests 5X faster using plain English

    End-to-end testing for Web, Mobile apps &APIs

    Zero maintenance with AI-driven stability

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • With Testsigma, location is never a dependency. It is a completely cloud based test automation solution. You can write, run and monitor tests from anywhere, anytime.
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  • Asif Khondokar

    Great support!
    nice ui

           reply     0      over 2 years ago

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