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What is TimeTagger?

TimeTagger is an open-source time-tracker with an intuitive user experience and powerful reporting

  • About TimeTagger

    About TimeTagger

    TimeTagger does one thing, and does it well, in a single-page app that is intuitive to use. The integrated Pomodoro method helps you get productive.

    Hit the report button to get a detailed overview. Produce PDF reports to bill clients. Export data to a spreadsheet for further processing.

    TimeTagger is open source, has a web api, and a CLI tool to track time from the terminal.

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  • When to use TimeTagger

    When to use TimeTagger

    Creators and developers who want to track their time to get more insight or to bill clients

    When you want to produce PDF reports to bill clients and export data to a spreadsheet for further processing

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • By tracking time its easy to work on several different project in a day/week
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