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What is Timist?

Time tracking on the iPhone. With extensive customization, a unique session system and powerful analytics.

  • About Timist

    About Timist

    With the unique Timist Session System and near endless customization, Timist adapts to the way you work. And it helps you to become more focused, more productive and less stressed. The Timist Session System lets you define custom sessions. See what your weekly overview is right from the timer list.

  • Pricing


    • Start using Timist Pro today with a free trial. After that, Timist Pro is just 2.49$ per month
  • When to use Timist

    When to use Timist

    - Adding unlimited timers
    - Beautiful charts for all of your tracked time
    - Reminders at the end of sessions and breaks, with the option to keep “nagging” you every couple of minutes
    - Customising the Timist Session System for every timer and applying different values than the global settings

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Timist adapts to the way you work and it helps remote workers to become more focused, more productive and less stressed.
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