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What is Timizer?

Timizer is a mobile and web application that is used by freelancers to report work time and then generate a pdf file that they can share with clients!

  • About Timizer

    About Timizer

    From creation to sharing, Timizer aims to make activity reports management quick and easy thanks to the following features:

    - Sign in with Apple integration

    - Search for your companies in the Sirene® database

    - Add contacts from your address book

    - Add your handwritten signature

    - Share your activity reports as PDF files

    - Smart notifications

  • Pricing


    • Free web & iOS app
  • When to use Timizer

    When to use Timizer

    Timizer is used at the end of the month to contract the passed worked hours between the contracted and the employer

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • You don't have to print or hand sign your activity reports, everything can be done in-app!
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