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What is Tomo?

Tomo syncs all your favorite workplace apps to one window, making it easy to switch tools and manage your workflow

  • About Tomo

    About Tomo

    Say goodbye to losing focus in a sea of browser tabs--easily sync all your favorite apps like Google Calendar, Gmail, Notion, Google Docs, and many more to one window.

    Focus on work with scheduled desktop notifications, instantly schedule Zoom meetings and calendar invites, and manage all of your tools in a browser designed for fast, focused work

  • Pricing


    • Freemium
    • Only pay when you want to integrate more than 5 apps or want to turn on desktop notifications
  • When to use Tomo

    When to use Tomo

    Designed for users that hate browser tabs. Join hundreds of employees from companies like Google, Facebook, Shopify, Reddit, and many more

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Supercharge your remote workflow with Tomo HQ
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