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What is Tydy Onboard?

Tydy gives businesses the power to personalize and automate onboarding processes like data integration, form filling, new hire engagement and feedback.

  • About Tydy Onboard

    About Tydy Onboard

    As your company grows, you need to ensure that new hires have a great experience as soon as they accept the job offer. Most employees join the company highly engaged but then become disengaged.

    Tydy ensures new hires go through a structured onboarding. From administrative tasks to understanding the culture, Tydy makes the process seamless before Day 1 until they are productive and feel like they belong in the company.

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  • When to use Tydy Onboard

    When to use Tydy Onboard

    - Distributed companies
    - Fast-growing companies

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • As teams get more and more distributed, with managers and reports usually in different locations, it is becoming even more important for companies to consider how they will onboard these new employees (in the absence of classroom sessions, etc). Tydy Onboard is the solution that helps bring automation to a task that is repetitive but uses personalization to ensure the employee feels like their individual needs are being taken care of.
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