Why do you need Employee Management Tools?

So why did we list employee management tools? Gone are the days, when employee management was just restricted to the Human Resources (HR) department of the company. With changes in the working style of teams, (read remote working), team leads and managers of small and large teams have taken the responsibility and are seeking solutions across different functional areas in an employee lifecycle such as:

  1. Employee onboarding

  2. Employee engagement

  3. Attendance Management

  4. Performance Evaluation

  5. Employee offboarding

These things, however, are not easy tasks. It takes a lot of effort to successfully manage your employees and get the most out of them. A good set of employee management tools can help you effectively manage the entire lifecycle of employees from the time you have to onboard them when they join the company until exit and even post that (referral programs, receive feedback on experience with the company, ensuring a smooth transition for employees to a new company, etc.). To gain even more context into the need for employee management, you can check out this post by Time Doctor

employee management tools

What should you ideally look for in such a tool?

An ideal employee management system should:

  1. Be easy-to-use - We really dig Achieved for this

  2. Generate customized reports - Check out a tool like Peoplebox for this

  3. Provide analytics on various performance parameters - Consider Remote Work Scorecard

  4. Be easily integrable with third-party tools

  5. Offer custom accessibility settings as per the employee's role in the organization

The above list is not exhaustive, however, it is a good place to start your selection of an employee management software solution and build your organization towards a more rewarding boss-employee state. Also, it is good practice to search for a unique offering within each tool that might just fit your organization's hierarchy, policies, and internal processes.

Here is a complete list of tools we think you might like:

Employee Management:Trivia - Logo
Play 1000s of exciting quizzes to take short breaks from work and engage with teammates for fun right inside Slack and Microsoft Teams. Bring Social & Fun back to your workplace with Trivia!
Employee Management:QPage - Logo
QPage helps founders and recruiters stop time-wasting manual activities by providing an autopilot recruiting procedure. Providing whatever you'll need for a perfect hiring
Employee Management:Heartpace - Logo
Heartpace gives all the tools you need to achieve remarkable results with highly engaged employees. Conduct prepared 1:1s Meetings, set OKRs and create an effective routine for your remote teams
Employee Management:CoachBot - Logo
Software that coaches managers to have continuous performance development conversations remotely, leading the whole team to create effective operating habits that stick.
Employee Management:fikaTime - Logo
Working remotely should not feel like working alone. fikaTime builds socially connected teams by pairing up employees for some intentional downtime and human conversation.
Employee Management:Hilo - Logo
We are building a platform where teams share the high and low of their workday anonymously with team leaders. Currently a slack bot with web dashboard integration. Giving insight to unknown issues.
Employee Management:Hiyaa - Logo
Remote-first video interviewing platform for the new normal of working
Employee Management:Amby - Logo
Bridge the gap between strategy & execution with intuitive and robust OKR (Objective Key result) software
Employee Management:Remote Work Scorecard - Powered by Humantelligence - Logo
In 12 minutes, measure your behaviors, motivators, and ideal work environment for an individual employee or a team with personalized tips, insights, & recommendations to improve remote performance.
Employee Management:Peoplebox - Logo
Helping managers build high achieving teams through meaningful one-on-ones, continuous feedback, motivation & performance tracking and closing action items that matter.
Employee Management:Unicorn Train - Logo
Unicorn Train is the easiest way for teammates to recognize each other for doing great things. Start building relationships, boosting morale, and encouraging awesomeness today
Employee Management:Slides with Friends - Logo
A builder for making slide decks and presentations that your viewers can interact with
Employee Management:OpusLoop - Logo
Opusloop is a solution for connected workforce. Its employee app where employees can speak out anonymously (or named) and it helps change employee behavior by fostering the culture of feedback & recognition
Employee Management:Kaapi - Logo
Kaapi helps remote leaders build happy high-performance, remote teams. Kaapi has 120+ well-researched questions in its library, which can be used by managers to check in with their teams automatically
Employee Management:Gather - Logo
Gather eliminates manual coordination with a smart, automated communication and coordination powered by a deep integration with Slack
Employee Management:QuizBreaker - Logo
Bring your team closer together, no matter where they are.
Employee Management:Teamo - Logo
Teamo is a social, lively corporate group card for teams that's suited for any occasion: welcoming a new hire, celebrating a teammate's birthday, thanking a summer intern and more
Employee Management:Talscale - Logo
Get the best engineers for open tech positions by assessing skills with real-world projects
Employee Management:OfficeSimplify - Logo
OfficeSimplify helps companies manage, track, and approve employee time off. Google Calendar and Slack integrations make it super easy to book time off and see where everyone is. No more complicated spreadsheets
Employee Management:Plai - Logo
Align your team with OKRs, share regular feedback and recognition, conduct effective reviews, 1:1 meetings, and check-ins.
Employee Management:360Katas - Logo
360Katas is an open source app that helps you get candid feedback by offering the safety of anonymity to your respondents. It is built on the principles of 360-degree feedback!
Employee Management:Teamworki - Logo
Teamworki helps team leads, agile coaches, and managers by making one on ones and retrospectives more effective. In addition, they can also gauge morale of their coworkers and identify trends.
Employee Management:Leapsome - Logo
Leapsome is a platform for performance management and employee engagement to help you build high-performing teams.
Employee Management:Wrk - Logo
Get your hiring process up and running in minutes with Wrk’s fresh approach to recruitment software
Employee Management:Wellmee - Logo
In Wellmee you have your own personal app to always keep you on track – motivated, encouraged, and happier!
Employee Management:Xoxoday - Logo
Xoxoday drives behavior that accelerates business success with all-in-one rewards, incentives, commissions & benefits tool
Employee Management:Elin.ai - Logo
Elin is a Slack app that gives remote teams real-time insights on engagement, mood, well-being, impact and collaboration.
Employee Management:Tydy Onboard - Logo
Tydy gives businesses the power to personalize and automate onboarding processes like data integration, form filling, new hire engagement and feedback.
Employee Management:Eureka - Logo
Eureka makes it simple to create, execute and optimize employee onboarding experiences that engage new hires, managers and the team.
Employee Management:bttr - Logo
Organize your retrospective in an efficient manner. Constantly collect feedback, focus on important topics and improve sprint by sprint.
Employee Management:Panion - Logo
Panion is a community-building platform that helps companies build, manage, and engage their workforce by providing a digital social space for informal meaningful moments of togetherness
Employee Management:Retorio - Logo
We help individuals discover their personality and become more successful, while helping companies identify and develop talent
Employee Management:Spyrix Employee Monitoring - Logo
Spyrix Employee Monitoring is a powerful solution for businesses with up to 500 team members. It helps you track any kind of user activity remotely via a secure web account.
Employee Management:Glint - Logo
An integrated platform to chart the employee lifecycle, measure employee engagement and record feedback on managers and teams - backed by better design, proprietary algorithms, and machine learning
Employee Management:Calamari - Logo
We give your team a way to remotely manage time off, vacation, remote work and attendance. Boost the productivity of your employees by simplifying daily routine.
Employee Management:Intro30 - Logo
A platform for candidates to create professional shareable profiles with their resumes and a 30 second video intro.
Employee Management:15Five - Logo
A solution to provide continuous employee feedback, monitor progress against goals and conduct self-reviews.
Employee Management:ThirstySprout - Logo
Hire the right remote engineering teams & software developers for your startup with ThirstySprout.
Employee Management: Trakstar - Logo
An employee evaluation software with easy-to-do goal setting and 360-degree feedback collection.
Employee Management:Culture Amp - Logo
CultureAmp allows easy collection and analysis of employee feedback at different stages of an employee's lifecycle in a firm
Employee Management:Slido - Logo
Slido is a live audience interaction platform for meetings and events. It allows users to collect top questions for Q&A sessions, engage participants with live polls and capture valuable event data.
Employee Management:Sora - Logo
Sora automates away the spreadsheets or checklists for your employee workflows — compensation changes, offboarding, performance improvement plans, approvals, employee relations workflows, and more.
Employee Management:Brightest - Logo
Simplify community, culture-building, events, and more with Brightest. Whether you're a company, non-profit, school, or group Brightest gives you advanced, flexible tools to engage and inspire people online and IRL
Employee Management:Telltrail - Logo
Telltrail provides sentiment analysis and team metrics visualization for Slack
Employee Management:Remoteam.io - Logo
Remoteam is helping companies hire people from any country in the world. It’s an employer of record solution
Employee Management:Dawfin - Logo
Dawfin is an employee engagement system that is designed to engage employees, keep them engaged, and encourages an amazing culture for your company.
Employee Management:WaterCooler - Logo
A water cooler for teams that do not otherwise have a natural meeting place. Each day you are paired you with a colleague an encouraged to spend 5 minutes talking about something other than work
Employee Management:Sketch for teams - Logo
Create, prototype, collaborate and turn your ideas into incredible products with the definitive platform for digital design.
Employee Management:Snack - Logo
Video chat roulette for Slack. Have spontaneous, time-restricted video conversations with ice-breakers.
Employee Management:Stories - Logo
With Stories, you can train skills crucial for remote work through courses with an adaptable learning path and lessons in a short-story format.
Employee Management:Lattice Pulse - Logo
Drive action and measure your impact with a continuous, real-time understanding of employee engagement.
Employee Management:Embark - Logo
Embark helps managers simplify the process of managing career development
Employee Management:Goodtalent - Logo
Goodtalent is built for companies to source, validate, hire, manage and pay developers in Africa. Software developers/engineers can collaborate, take coding test, apply to jobs and showcase projects
Employee Management:OldRobo - Logo
OldRobo is a peer review platform with an appreciation system to increase employee engagement and productivity. It helps companies to motivate their employees with the help of gamification
Employee Management:Kolay - Logo
Kolay helps the world’s leading companies manage their HR management tasks across devices.
Employee Management:Abot - Logo
Abot is a simple and highly configurable Slack app for anonymous feedback messages and polls. Whoever receives feedback can reply to it without knowing who the author is
Employee Management:ControlHub - Logo
Spend management tool to control your company's purchases & expenses. It integrates with Slack, very easy to use. Enforce internal controls and empower teammates to seek and collect easy approvals
A team that plays together, bonds better
Autonomous Recruiting Platform
Platform for team leaders and HRs to engage employees
Turn managers into leaders of high performing teams
Mental health bot to keep the team socially-connected
See the highs and lows of your work teams
Remote-first video interviewing
People Alignment Platform
Improve your remote work performance in 12 minutes
Helping remote managers build high achieving teams
Team-driven recognition and rewards, powered by unicorns 🦄
Let your audience play along! Interactive presentation maker
Connect candidly with co-workers
Employee feedback and engagement for remote teams
Project Management for People Operations Teams
Bring your team closer together, no matter where they are.
Corporate group card made social
Boost employee motivation and happiness
Hire top tech talent through project-based assessments
Manage employee time off the easy way
People and performance management software
Open-source app to seek feedback from co-workers on Slack
Team progress tracking for modern organizations
A toolkit for teams for morale tracking and effective meetings
Align, enable, and develop high-performing teams
The simplest way to hire
Mobile app for personal growth and thriving
Power your business with people motivation
Real-time insights on engagement, impact and collaboration
Automate your onboarding processes
Streamline and automate employee onboarding
Organize your retrospective in an efficient manner
Empowering a happier workforce, one business at a time
AI-powered, personality assessment tool for remote hiring
Employee Monitoring Tool for Windows and MacOS
Integrated platform for employee engagement.
Remote leave and attendance management
Platform for candidates to create professional shareable profiles
Offers continuous employee feedback and monitors progress.
Hire the right remote engineering teams for your startup
An employee evaluation software.
Tool for collection and analysis of employee feedback.
Live audience interaction platform for meetings and events
Automate employee workflows, from onboarding to offboarding
Simplify community, culture-building, events, and more
Remote Workforce intelligence for the new way we work
Hire anyone from any country in the world
Engage, encourage, and grow your amazing team
Social tools for remote teams
The digital design toolkit
Virtual snacks for remote teams
Learn the skills to help you succeed whilst working remotely
Real-time engagement insights about your people
Employee career development made simple
Build Great Engineering Teams with Goodtalent
Fun gamification to increase employees' engagement at work
All-in-one employee management platform
Simple anonymous feedback and polls for Slack
Slack app to request, approve and track purchases and expenses