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What is Type Studio?

Type Studio is a text-based video editing software for content-focused videos. We transcribe the video so the user can easily edit the video by just editing the transcription

  • About Type Studio

    About Type Studio

    We started Type because we got frustrated with the way video editing is today! A typical video editing experience is counter-intuitive when compared to everything within the modern conventions of UI design and functionality. There are so many buttons, dials, knobs, settings, and keyboard shortcuts to remember. For content-focused video editing, you don’t need most of the features

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  • When to use Type Studio

    When to use Type Studio

    To transcribes your video so you can easily edit it by simply changing the text.

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Type Studio is used by many remote marketers who post their videos on social media. Another user group is online course and tutorial creators
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