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What is Undock?

Welcome to Predictive Scheduling. See instant suggestions for mutually preferred meeting times - right in your email. Meet with people across different organizations, calendars and time zones.

  • About Undock

    About Undock

    Instantly schedule, host and document meetings with your network. Undock learns when and how you like to meet. Our AI connects people across different organizations, calendar tools, and time zones to find a time that works. Maintain a schedule that fits your needs. Discover scheduling magic with Undock.

  • Pricing


    • We have a free tier for scheduling and meetings. Premium account start at $10 per month.
  • When to use Undock

    When to use Undock

    When you want to find the right time the first time. Undock is used when you want to reduce the time it takes to coordinate meetings to seconds. Make logistical overhead a thing of the past and find time for the critically important.

  • Review by Remote Tools Team

    Review by Remote Tools Team

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Meeting with teams across multiple continents is hard, but with Undock it's one click away. All users who sign up from remote.tools will jump to the front of our waitlist and be granted priority access.
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