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What is Utilso?

Utilso brings all the tools required for developers in one place. Regex Tester, JWT Verify, Format JSON, Decode base64, Code Beautify and more

  • About Utilso

    About Utilso

    Stop pasting JSON strings, JWT tokens, or sensitive data to random websites online. Utilso works entirely offline! Everything you paste into the app never leaves your machine

    🔍 Powerful search and tool management

    🧰 21 developer tools and counting

    ⚙️ Chain of tools coming soon!

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  • When to use Utilso

    When to use Utilso

    If you need quickly decode/encode base64, verify JWT token or test your regexp within the text. There is a tool for each developer for each day, if not we will add it 😉

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Remote developers can use 21 developer tools securely with Utilso
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