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WEEK OF JULY 02, 2021

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What is VideoForm?

VideoForm lets you create human-centric interactive videos for your prospects, it's human nature to trust on a voice with a face and with VideoForm you can do so

  • About VideoForm

    About VideoForm

    As videos are taking all over the internet, users prefer videos over text. So, at VideoForm we came-up with an idea of adding human centric videos to your emails, where the receivers of those emails can see you, it's almost like face to face conversation.

    Here's a demo video for VideoForm: https://app.videoform.com/form/kjbLXp4idksA5EEV

  • Pricing


    • You can create your first VideoForm for absolutely free
  • When to use VideoForm

    When to use VideoForm

    VideoForm can be used by any B-B company to accelerate their sales revenue, it's very effective for SaaS companies

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • With VideoForm you can have almost face to face conversation
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