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What is Vodited?

With Vodited, read/listen to a transcribed version of your audio and edit it in over 30+ languages and accents, just like a word document

  • About Vodited

    About Vodited

    With Vodited now you can edit any spoken audio, like a word document in 30+ languages. This means:
    - Read your audio transcript instead of having to listen through hours of audio.
    - Delete words or sentences if you said something you shouldn't have.
    - Copy and paste words to re-order your audio

  • Pricing


    • Currently free as it's in Beta
  • When to use Vodited

    When to use Vodited

    Podcast editing and note-taking

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Record and edit audio like you're editing a transcription
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