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What is WaterCooler?

A water cooler for teams that do not otherwise have a natural meeting place. Each day you are paired you with a colleague an encouraged to spend 5 minutes talking about something other than work

  • About WaterCooler

    About WaterCooler

    Teams succeed based on the culture they manage to build. Truly successful teams have a culture of trust and social cohesion. Successful remote teams do not happen by accident. The ones that succeed leverage the benefits and overcome the downsides of a remote setup. The Socializer slackbot builds teams that are tightly connected and work well together.

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  • When to use WaterCooler

    When to use WaterCooler

    The Watercooler is for teams that are distributed or have grown so large that most people don't know all their colleagues.

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Particularly distributed and remote teams are facing a challenge when it comes to building an environment in which employees are able to get to know their colleagues. No natural water cooler moments exist where you could bump into a colleague and establish meaningful personal relationships. The WaterCooler solves this problem, making the workplace more social and inclusive.
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