Virtual Coffee:fikaTime - Logo
Working remotely should not feel like working alone. fikaTime builds socially connected teams by pairing up employees for some intentional downtime and human conversation
Virtual Coffee:Chinwag - Logo
Chinwag is a browser plugin that helps a remote team have impromptu chats, just like you'd have if you were working in the same office
Virtual Coffee:CoffeeConnect - Logo
CoffeeConnect helps employees build personal connections and get to know each other a bit better. It works by introducing every employee to a new person every week based on common interest
Virtual Coffee:Cafecito - Logo
Connect with purpose. Join 1:1 coffee breaks with like-minded professionals every week. Cafecito makes working from home as smooth as your morning coffee
Virtual Coffee:Mystery Coffee - Logo
With Mystery Coffee you can build relationships within or outside your organization, foster future collaboration, network and get to know new people from everywhere in the world!
Virtual Coffee:WaterCooler - Logo
A water cooler for teams that do not otherwise have a natural meeting place. Each day you are paired you with a colleague an encouraged to spend 5 minutes talking about something other than work
Virtual Coffee:Lunchclub - Logo
Network from home! Register with your background, interests, and goals. Each week, sign up to make new connections. Lunchclub's AI directly matches you 1:1 with relevant people.
Mental health bot to keep the team socially-connected
Chinwag brings watercooler chats to remote teams
Spontaneous meetings are back. Online
Help your employees build personal connect
Coffee breaks with like-minded remote folks
Your virtual coffee break while working from home
Social tools for remote teams
Curated 1:1 professional connections